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Your Best Life Planner 2019 (US Letter & A4)
Your Best Life Planner 2019 (US Letter & A4)
Your Best Life Planner 2019 (US Letter & A4)

Your Best Life Planner 2019 (US Letter & A4)

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If you purchase the 2019 Planner, you get the updated 2020 version for FREE when it becomes available.

This isn't just a planner. It's the love child of happiness research and an avalanche of colorful gumballs.

I've dedicated the last year to reading books and watching TED talks to learn everything I could on the science of having a productive and happy life. And then I took what I learned, distilled it down and put that into this planner. With a heavy dose of color and pattern because it's more fun that way!

Daily gratitude, habits tracking, daily journaling and reflection, planning how long term goals are met with short term actions, checking in with your goals, dwelling on the successes, and using failure as a springboard for your best possible life.

It's all in there.

So imagine knowing exactly what steps to take to achieve happiness and productivity in work and life.

Just imagine what your life could look like this time next year.

More organized? Richer? Happier? More fulfilling? Maybe even downright amazingly successful and joyful?

I hope so, and I believe this planner is the first step.


  • Your Best Life Planner in US Letter size (8.5" x 11") and A4 size (210 x 297 mm)
  • 179 pages including:
    • Cover page
    • This book belongs to
    • Contents
    • Yearly goals (broken down into different sections of life)
    • Yearly Calendar
    • Important dates
    • 13 monthly dated calendars Jan 2019-Jan 2020 (2 page spread) with monthly goals section and a fun quote
    • 52 weekly dated calendars (2 page spread) jam-packed with a mini calendar, menu, shopping list, reminders, notes, this week's focus, upcoming, habits tracker, and a gratitude grid
    • 12 monthly reviews (2 page spread)
    • Mid-year goals review
    • Year end review
    • Why and how to journal daily
    • An undated 1 page daily spread
    • An undated 2 page daily spread
    • 2 full page Notes pages
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    This planner was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! It’s perfect! 💯🙌🏼 Thank you 🙏

    Best life planner

    Very cool planner loved it! It will keep me organized and happily so with the bright, fun colors


    Perfect for people that do not have time to decorate -like me right now because I have a baby boy- it is very functional and have everything in right place. I just think that, in weekly view, lines inside the squares are not a good idea.

    2019 daily planner

    Love it

    Your Best Life Binder

    This is such a helpful and beautiful planner! It covers everything, every part of your life. The world is so confusing when you don't have a road map, so get this and find your way!.....and it's pretty too